Here you can buy and digitally download Diane’s comedy specials from website .  Below is a description of the different shows, and a short clip from each one.  If you buy any of these specials, then you are supporting Diane Spencer as a comedian because each show is self-funded by her.  You’re saying “yeah, I get it and I want you to make more of it”, and I think an hour of jokes is worth £5.

Power Tool (2015)

Date: 2015

Venue: The Backyard Comedy Club

Review: “narrated with her expected style and as always in her shows jam-packed with hilarious, well-written anecdotes”  One4Review

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Hurricane Diane (2013)

Date: 2012

Venue: Soho Theatre

Review “Her honesty and unflinching sincerity makes you laugh harder than you could imagine, and once she has you there really is no hope of her letting up”  The New Current

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All-pervading Madness (2011)

Date: 2011

Venue: Melt Comics, Los Angeles

Review: “Spencer is cute, candid and seems entirely without reserve – all the ingredients for kick ass comedy.  This is an hour of dark wit and sparkling humour”  Scotsgay

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Lost in the Mouth Specific (2010)

Date: 2010

Venue: The Classic Comedy Club and Bar

Review: “A rollickingly good slice of frank, ungimmicky stand-up, with a delivery that’s both technically adroit adn infused with her compelling personality… riotously hilarious”  Chortle

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Wit, Charm & Filth (2009)

Date: 2009

Venue: “Spencer has charm like a light bulb, it brightens the stage – she’s a real joy to watch – both bold and subtle at once, which reveals real confidence”  Theatreview

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