Galaxy Ball Team Earth

“Galaxy Ball Team Earth” is a brand new sci-fi comedy concept looking for development opportunities.

Galaxy Ball is a planet versus planet sport.  Earth has it’s first team, however due to the Russians sending a dog into space in 1957, Earth’s dominant species got registered as dogs.  This is a mockumentary that follows a group of aliens who are all qualified in the sport (manager, coach etc) who have come to Earth to train our first “elite” team…. who turn out to be a pack of dogs.

The sport, the concept and characters were entirely created by Diane Spencer, and filmed by Ashcroft Films, the small production company run by Diane and her husband comedian Kevin Shepherd.  The end goal for this project is that it is turned into a television series and feature film.  Each series will follow one season of Galaxy Ball as Earth plays through the league.  If you would like more information or to get involved in the project, please email .


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Official Selection for The Black Sunday Film Festival!  Screening takes place this Sunday 22 April, in Block 2, starting at 3.30pm.



Far away in the civilised areas of space, war is a thing of the past – it has been replaced by an interplanetary game called “Galaxy Ball”.  All planets put forward a team of their best and brightest athletes in the hope that they will win big for their planets.  

Planets that have not acknowledged the existence of extra-terrestrial life have an “auxiliary” team, managed in secret by experienced, alien Galaxy Ball staff.  Earth has it’s very first team, but there is one issue, the team players can only be dogs.  This series interviews the manager, coach, psychologist, agent, superfan and team captain as they attempt to turn this pack of mongrels into an elite squad before Earth feels the consequences.  

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Comic Cons

In order to promote Galaxy Ball Team EARTH to a target market, Diane visits nationwide comiccons with the support of Kevin Shepherd and Nikki Lee.




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