F minus… (Blog)

In the countdown to the Edinburgh fringe festival, I’ve started writing a blog, which is turns out is mainly about comedy writing and the development of the show “Power Tool”.  It’s called Diane Spencer (fun): Diary of a standup comedian.

Festival minus….

blog title 1


In this maiden blogging voyage Diane discuss’s her favourite pen and what kind of notebook she prefers.  It’s as thrilling as it sounds.


blog title 2


Diane tries writing through different mediums, and decides joke books are like riding bikes with stabilisers.


blog title 3


Faced with having to cut 20 mins of her show, Diane gets precious about the narrative, then realises she must grow a spine.


blog title 4


Diane likes to procrastinate, so she gets a desk facing a blank wall.


blog title 5


After watching too many CSI episodes, Diane realises what you immerse yourself in can have an effect on your creative output.  She also has a gig in Maidstone, Kent.


blog title 6


Diane arrives late to a gig looking like a “washed up sun burnt dog”.


blog title 7


On listening back to her recorded preview, Diane discovers a problem with part 3, and discusses stand-up comedy structure.


blog title 8


Choosing what to keep in a routine, and then how to play it so you succeed – probably more for the comedy nerds.


blog title 9


The Fringe Media Office and the photographer Steve Ullathorne are both immensely helpful in promoting Diane’s show, as there is no PR representative this year, so who will get cocaine for the journalists?


blog title 10


Diane starts doing conscious stream writing, and is reading a book for creatives in recovery.


blog title 11


Diane compares her stand-up show to a wonky circus tent, in that the tent poles need shifting before the clowns show up.


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In this week’s blog, Diane has watched an episode of The New  Twilight Zone where a comedian has to do a gig in hell.


blog title 13


Despite getting “Royal Marines Commando” in a career suitability test at school, Diane discovers she folds under certain types of pressure.


blog title 14


Diane discovers her chakra is blocked, and not even fibre will help.


blog title 15


Due to circumstances within her control, Diane will not overrun at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


blog title 16


After getting addicted to Portal 2, Diane ponders time travel and following it through to the logical conclusion.


blog title 17



Diane gives Madonna 77 cents.




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